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Investment Connection

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Investment Connection brings together bankers, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and public and private funders to meet and explore community development opportunities in the areas they serve, especially those in low- and moderate-income, distressed and underserved communities.

“The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Community Development/Consumer Compliance units manage and host “Investment Connection” events throughout our District. Those in attendance at these events hear about pre-screened and high-impact community development proposals that are eligible for Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) credit. Proposals range from funding to support a drug/alcohol rehabilitation program for low-income individuals to redevelopment/housing initiatives and many others. 

“Building and funding a community development proposal is no easy task for a nonprofit organization. Dollars are limited, and those investing want a reasonable degree of confidence that the proposals will produce their intended outcomes. The opportunity for discussion at Investment Connection events increases the likelihood that the proposals discussed at the events will come to fruition.” 

Julie Stackhouse, Executive Vice President,
Supervision, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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Upcoming Event: Louisville, Ky. — Oct. 19, 2018

Make a Connection

Organizations that respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) with submissions for community and economic development projects deemed be eligible under the CRA may have the opportunity to present those proposals to multiple potential funders. Both community organizations and funders can engage in Investment Connection by participating in live events in their communities. While we review all proposals submitted, we are limited in the number presented at each event. However, we encourage organizations to respond to the RFP if they have organizational capacity to conduct work in the areas listed below. For a full explanation of community development under the CRA, please visit CRA Community Development Defined.

CRA-eligible activities may address:

  • Affordable housing
  • Broadband services
  • Community development finance
  • Community facilities/services
  • Economic/Workforce development
  • Financial security
  • Neighborhood revitalization and stabilization
  • Small-business development/Technical assistance

View Materials from Past Investment Connection Events

Date Location Presentations/Proposals
7/25/18 Little Rock, Ark.
7/24/18 Memphis, Tenn.
5/17/18 Springfield, Mo.
11/17/17 Memphis, Tenn.

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is not a grantmaking organization. The purpose of its presenting the Investment Connection program is to facilitate education, information sharing and potential opportunities related to the CRA. The St. Louis Fed does not endorse or make any representations as to the propriety or suitability of the participating organizations, investments or programs. Organizations should perform their own due diligence before engaging in any transactions with these entities to ensure that any such transactions meet the organization's objectives.

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