Homer Jones Memorial Lecture

The Homer Jones Memorial Lecture honors a man who exemplified the highest qualities of leadership in economics and public policy. As research director and later senior vice president at the St. Louis Fed, Homer Jones (1906-1986) played a major role in developing the Bank as a leader in monetary research and statistics. The first lecture was held in 1987.

For the 2020 lecture, John Cochrane provided his views on monetary policy and the Federal Reserve. Cochrane is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In addition to his Stanford position, Cochrane is a research associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research and an adjunct scholar for the CATO Institute. This event marks the 30th Homer Jones Memorial Lecture. Watch the full presentation below.

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Past Homer Jones Memorial Lectures

Links to videos from past lectures include opening remarks from St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard and more information about the speakers. Past lectures are also published in the St. Louis Fed's Review.

Learn more about the history of the lecture series, including all past lectures published in Review.

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