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Use these questions to discuss the following economic concepts in Little Nino's Pizzeria with children 5 to 7 years old: goods, services, capital resources, human resources, intermediate goods, and natural resources.

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Book written by Karen Barbour (ISBN: 0-15-246321-6).


1. What did the restaurants Little Nino’s and Big Nino make for people to enjoy?

2. Pizza is a good. Goods are things that people use to satisfy their wants. You can touch, see, eat, drink, or play with goods. What are some goods you use to satisfy your wants?
Answers will vary but may include the following: a ball to play with, a brush to smooth your hair, or clothes to keep you warm.

3. Services are things that people do for us to satisfy our wants. What are some services that the restaurants did for their customers?
The restaurants made pizza and other food, delivered the food to the tables, and cleaned the tables when the people were done.

4. Human resources are people who do mental and/or physical work to produce goods and services. Nino was a human resource at Little Nino’s. What work did Nino do at Little Nino’s?
Look at the book to help you remember. Nino helped knead the pizza dough, stir the sauce, grate the cheese, serve the pizza, and carry out dirty dishes.

5. Who were human resources at the Big Nino restaurant?
The waiters, Chef François, and Tony

6. Intermediate goods are made by people and become part of another good. For example, cheese on pizza is an intermediate good. It becomes part of the pizza and can’t be used again. Name some other examples of intermediate goods that may be used to make pizza. Look at the pictures in the book for clues.
Intermediate goods in pizza may include pizza dough, sauce, sausage, and pepperoni.

7. A natural resource is something that occurs in or on the earth and is used to produce goods and services. For example, water is a natural resource. Name some examples of natural resources that may be used to make pizza. Look at the pictures in the book for clues.
Natural resources that may be used to make pizza include tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, olives, anchovies, garlic, peppers, salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and water.

8. A capital resource is a good that is produced and used to make other goods and services. Capital resources are used over and over again in the production process. For example, a pizza pan is a capital resource. Name some examples of capital resources that may be used to make and serve pizza. Look at the pictures in the book for clues.
Capital resources used to make and serve pizza may include pots, spoons, knives, pizza pans, ovens, hats, aprons, graters, the restaurant building, tables, chairs, plates, glasses, and silverware.

9. If you worked at Little Nino’s, what type of resource would you be?
A human resource

10. What is your favorite homemade food?
List some natural resources, intermediate goods, and capital resources used to make it.


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