Little Nino's Pizzeria Lesson for Grades 1-3

Little Nino's Pizzeria book cover

Students are read the story Little Nino's Pizzeria and identify the inputs in a pizza, categorizing them as intermediate goods, natural resources, human resources, and capital resources. They use a Venn diagram to sort attributes of each restaurant mentioned in the story and the attributes the restaurants share. As an assessment, students write a restaurant review, categorizing the inputs of pizza.

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Parents, view more about the Q&A using Little Nino's Pizzeria.

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 1, 2, and 3.

This book is in print and available.


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Audience:   Elementary School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Literature, Economics
Resource Types:   Lessons
Concepts:   Factors of Production/Productive Resources, Income
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