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Use these questions to discuss the following economic concepts in Just Saving My Money with children 3 to 7 years old: saving, savings goal, bank, and income.

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Book written by Mercer Mayer (ISBN: 978-0-06-0835557-6).

This book is also used in Kiddynomics: An Economics Curriculum for Young Learners.


1. At the beginning of the story, what did Little Critter want and why did he want it?
His skateboard was broken, and he wanted a new one.

2. What did Little Critter’s dad tell him he needed to do to get a new skateboard?
He said Little Critter needed to save more money.

3. A savings goal is a good or service that you want to buy in the future. What was Little Critter’s savings goal?
His savings goal was a new skateboard.

4. Income is payment that people earn for the work they do. What work does Little Critter do to earn income?
He cleans his room, sells lemonade, helps his parents with the garden, and helps clean up the yard by picking up sticks.

5. Saving is keeping some income to buy things in the future. Little Critter saved his income. In the middle of the story, where did Little Critter’s dad take him once Little Critter had saved lots of money in his money jar?
His dad took him to the bank.

6. Why did Little Critter put his money in the bank?
A bank is a safe place to keep money.

7. Did Little Critter’s savings goal change at the end of the story?
Yes. He bought a robot dinosaur instead of a skateboard.

8. What is a savings goal you have? What can you do to meet your savings goal?
Answers will vary but may include the following: Save money instead of spending it. Find ways to earn money, and save the money until your savings goal is met.


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