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Use these questions to discuss the following economic concepts in Bunny Money with children 4 to 7 years old: saving, savings goal, and spending.

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Book written by Rosemary Wells (ISBN: 978-0-14-056750-2).


1. Why did Max and Ruby go shopping?
They wanted to buy a birthday present for Grandma.

2. Spending means using money to buy goods and services now. Goods are things that people use to satisfy their wants. You can touch, see, eat, drink, or play with goods. Services are things that people do for us to satisfy our wants. What are the goods and services that Ruby and Max bought?
Look at the book to help you remember. Goods: Vampire teeth that ooze cherry syrup, soap, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two coconut cupcakes, a banana shake, bluebird earrings, and glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth Services: A ride on the bus, use of a washing machine, use of a dryer, use of a phone

3. After Ruby washed Max’s clothes, she said “Money down the drain, Max.” What did she mean by that?
The money she had to spend washing Max’s clothes was money that could not be spent somewhere else. She felt the money was wasted.

4. After lunch, Ruby said, “Money is running through our fingers, Max.” What did she mean by that?
They were spending the money so quickly it was like they were having trouble holding on to it with their fingers.

5. What was the price of the skating ballerina music box, and why couldn’t Max and Ruby buy it for Grandma’s birthday?
The price was $100. Max and Ruby did not have enough money to buy it.

6. Saving means putting money aside to buy goods or services later. A savings goal is a good or service that you want to buy in the future. What was Ruby’s savings goal in the beginning of the book?
In the beginning of the book, Ruby’s savings goal was a music box for her grandma.

7. If you had $15.25, like Max and Ruby did, would you save it or spend it? If you would save it, what is your savings goal—what good or service would you save it for? What is the price of that good or service—how much money would you need to save to buy it?


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