Education Resources Recommended by David Perkis

David Perkis is the senior economic education specialist at the Louisville Branch of the St. Louis Fed. David's favorite resources are listed below.

For Elementary School Classrooms

Once Upon a Decision Online Course
The earlier young people learn how to make a good decision, the better their decision-making skills will be. In this short course in our Ella's Adventures series, your students will read and listen to a story about Ella, who has decisions to make.

Bunny Money Lesson for Grades K-1
In this lesson, students listen to the story of Ruby and Max, two bunnies that go shopping and make many spending decisions. They are introduced to short-term and long-term savings goals to help them save for the goods they want in the future. After a goal-sorting activity, students choose and illustrate their own savings goal.

The Perfect Breakfast
The fourth video in the Explore Economics series helps students understand why people in different regions, states, and nations trade.

The Economics of Transportation
The second video in the Explore Economics series shows how changes in technology changed the way and speed with which people move goods.

The Economics of Infrastructure
This is the first video in the Explore Economics animated series. It shows how infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railroad lines, water mains, sewer pipes, and power lines support the operation of an economy.

For Middle School and High School Classrooms

Opportunity Cost
Three topics in economics: choice, scarcity and opportunity cost, are introduced in this first episode of The Economic Lowdown Podcast Series.

Comparative Advantage Online Course
In this course, you will meet Jack Of All Trades, a most awesome superhero. In all tasks, Jack can do everything better and faster (he has absolute advantage), but does that mean he must do everything while the rest of the people stand around helplessly?

Falling Oil Prices Create Winners and Losers
Oil prices affect the U.S. economy in many ways. Fluctuations in the price of oil can influence inflation, unemployment, and disposable income. Some local economies with close ties to the oil industry are affected even more directly in both positive and negative ways. This issue of Page One Economics covers an example of the local impact of oil prices.

Will Your Smartphone Get You a Job?
App-driven jobs allow workers to decide when, where, and how much to work—one “gig” at a time. Learn more about this new employment trend in this issue of Page One Economics.

Fees, Fees and More Fees: It all Adds Up
Rent-to-own and "buy here, pay here" make it easy to get what you want. But what are the real costs that you will pay for this convenience compared with what you’d pay using more-traditional financing, such as loans or credit cards? This video weighs the benefits and costs of your options.

The Amazing $2,000 Pizza
This episode in the Continuing Feducation Video Series emphasizes the importance of using credit cards responsibly.


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