Curious George Saves His Pennies Lesson for Grades 1-2

In the story Curious George Saves His Pennies, George wants to buy a new bright-red train, but he does not have enough money. At the suggestion of his friend, George saves his money to buy the train. In this lesson, the students draw an outline of a piggy bank, within which they write a word for or draw a picture of something they would like to buy. This becomes their savings goal. They listen to the story, and as George finds some ways to earn money, the students come up with ways they can earn money to reach their savings goals. Students are introduced to the difference between income and gift money. They participate in an activity where they determine if they are receiving income or gift money and how many weeks it will take them to reach their savings goal. Students also discuss why George did not buy the original red train he wanted.

Parents: Learn more about the Q&A using Curious George Saves His Pennies.

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 1 and 2.

Book written by Monica Perez / ISBN: 978-0-547-81853-5.

This book is available on for free to schools and students with reading barriers.


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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Literature Personal Finance Mathematics
Concepts: Saving
Resource Types: Lesson
Languages: English
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