Curious George Saves His Pennies Q&A

Use these questions with children 5 to 7 years old to discuss the following economic concepts in Curious George Saves His Pennies: saving, savings goal, earning income, and gift money.

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Teachers: View the lesson plan using Curious George Saves His Pennies.

Book written by Monica Perez (ISBN: 978-0-547-81853-5).


1. Saving means keeping some of your income to buy things in the future. Spending means using your income to buy things now. Did George save or spend?
He did both.

2. A savings goal is a good or service that you want to buy in the future. What was George’s savings goal?
A red train

3. What is your savings goal?
Answers will vary.

4. Where did George save his money?
He saved it in a piggy bank.

5. Where do you save your money?
Answers will vary.

6. Where else can people save money?
Answers will vary but may include in a jar, under a mattress, or in a bank.

7. What happened to George’s piggy bank?
He lost it at the park.

8. What could George have done to keep his money safe?
He could have kept a closer eye on it.

9. Sometimes people receive money as gifts from family or friends. Gift money is freely given and not earned. What gift money did George receive?
In the story, George’s allowance is gift money because he didn’t do anything to earn it.

10. When do you receive gift money?
Answers will vary but may include birthdays, holidays, and so on.

11. How did George get money to save so that he could buy the train?
He got allowance from his friend, found money at home, raked leaves for his neighbor Mr. Reddy, washed windows, distributed flyers, delivered flowers, and did dishes.

12. How have you earned income?
Answers will vary but may include by making the bed, taking out the trash, helping take care of a sister or brother, collecting the mail for a neighbor, or receiving an allowance. NOTE: Allowance can fall into earned income or gift money, depending on whether parents expect children to complete specific chores as part of receiving the allowance.

13. How do your mom, dad, or other family members earn income?
Answers will vary.

14. How does a teacher earn income?
By helping students learn
How does a doctor earn income?
By helping sick people
How does a custodian earn income?
By cleaning a school or an office
How does a carpenter earn income?
By building things

15. What did George do when the little girl, Hana, found and returned his piggy bank?
He bought a different train for himself, and he bought her a train to say thank you.

16. Do you think George did the right thing by buying Hana a train too?
Answers will vary.

17. Why was George’s friend proud of George?
Because George worked and saved his money to buy the train and because George was generous and bought Hana a train, too


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