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Canvas: Free Online Modules and Resources from Econ Lowdown

The St. Louis Fed's Econ Lowdown teacher portal now integrates with Canvas by Instructure.

Econ Lowdown offers over 400 no-cost teaching resources for elementary, middle, high school and college. You can assign and grade free online modules, videos, audio and readings with Q&A—right in the Canvas platform you’re familiar with.

Find award-winning tools for teaching personal finance and economics, with connections to reading literacy, data literacy, history, civics and government, STEM and more.

Get Econ Lowdown in Canvas Today

Educators, email us at to get Econ Lowdown connected to your school/institution’s Canvas Learning Management System.

The process is fast, and we handle the heavy lifting with your school’s IT professionals to set up Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) connectivity.

How-To Guide for Teachers

•  Download the How-To Guide (pdf)

This guide will assist educators at schools/organizations already using Canvas to access free Econ Lowdown resources. It covers:

  • Adding Econ Lowdown resources to your Canvas courses
  • Launching/completing a resource as a student
  • Viewing grades associated with resource assessments
  • Grading short-answer questions, when applicable
  • Resetting post-tests for applicable resources
  • Seeing students’ answers vs. correct answers on assessments
  • FAQs

Video Tutorials: Econ Lowdown and Canvas

In this video, our team shows how to easily find and assign resources.

Watch more Econ Lowdown with Canvas tutorials on YouTube.

Additional Materials

Google Classroom™ Economics and Personal Finance Resources

Econ Lowdown® and LTI Econ Lowdown® FERPA Compliance

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Audience:   Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College
Language:   English
Subjects:   AP, Career and Technical Education, Civics/Government, Data Literacy, Economics, History, Personal Finance
Resource Types:   Online Course, Video, Tutorial