Google Classroom™ Economics and Personal Finance Resources

Use St. Louis Fed classroom resources in your Google Classroom. We’ve taken existing award-winning lessons and converted them to Google docs and Google slides so that you can use them virtually with your students.

We’ve also created new Google lessons with Google Slides for direct student instruction in your Google Classroom.

If you click on the links below, you’ll find folders with lessons. Within the folder, you’ll find a lesson pdf for instructions and answer keys as well as links for visuals and student worksheets.

More will follow in the future including resources for middle school economics and personal finance.


If you have difficulty accessing this content due to a disability, please contact us at 314-444-8624 or

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Education Level: Pre-K-5 9-12
Subjects: Economics Personal Finance Literature Civics/Government History
Resource Types: Google Lessons
Languages: English
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