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How Fintech is Transforming Banking

Join us here on Nov. 7 at 6:30 p.m. for a livestream of this event, How Fintech is Transforming Banking. Want to attend in person? Register here.

Keynote Presentation by Julie Stackhouse

Technological innovations and fintech firms are reshaping banking, creating new opportunities, and posing new challenges. Just a few years ago, fintech startups boasted that they would replace banks. Yet today many fintech firms—including marketplace lenders and digital wallet providers—have grown to rely on and partner with traditional banks. Banks themselves are adopting new technologies to satisfy consumers' preference for speed and convenience.

Julie Stackhouse, executive vice president and officer in charge of supervision at the St. Louis Fed, will explore:

  • How new payment options made possible by financial technology are changing the way we handle transactions with friends, family and businesses.
  • How technology is changing small-business lending.
  • Ways in which artificial intelligence widens access to credit and enhances personalization of financial services.

A panel discussion and audience Q&A will follow Stackhouse's presentation.