Supervising Banks: Contact Information

Supervision and Regulation

Safety and Soundness Supervision conducts examinations, inspections, provides guidance and reviews compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Institutions headquartered in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee
    Darin Heintz: (o: 901-531-5053 / m: 901-201-8681)
  • Institutions headquartered in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky
    Megan Kahlenberg: (o: 314-444-8481 / m: 479-719-9403)
  • Regional Banking Organizations
    James Warren: 314‑444‑8854 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8854
    Eric Reckamp 314-444-7368 or 1-800-333-0810, ext 444-7368

Consumer Affairs conducts examinations of state member banks for compliance with federal consumer credit laws, including HMDA and CRA, and provides information to depository institutions and consumers.

  • Kevin Henry (Examinations): 314‑444‑8823 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8823
  • Douglas Kerr (Examinations): 314‑444‑4205 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑4205
  • Tiffany Stecko (Consumer Complaints): 314‑444‑8755 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8755


Questions about bank/financial holding company applications may be directed here.

  • Holly Rieser: 314-444-4713 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑4713
  • Greg Wynd: 314-444-4632 or 1-800-333-0810, ext 444-4632

Credit Risk Management

Questions regarding setting up a borrowing relationship, loan requests, payments, or discount collateral pledges or releases may be directed here.

  • Credit Office: 1‑866‑666‑8316

Reserves Administration and Account Coordination

The St. Louis Fed’s Reserves unit assists depository institutions with the reserves requirement, excess balance accounts, interest on reserves and the Term Deposit Facility. Questions about account openings and mergers may be directed to the Account Coordination unit.

  • Reserves Hotline: 314‑444‑3779 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑3779

Structure Reporting

The St. Louis Fed's Structure unit is responsible for structure maintenance for all holding companies, depository institutions and nonbank subsidiaries within the Eighth District.

Send Eighth District Structure Reports to:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Statistics and Structure
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166

For further information:

Financial and Regulatory Reporting

Statistics processes FR2900, Call Reports, Bank Holding Company Reports and various other financial reports from depository institutions. Additional information can be found online.

  • Call Reports and Bank Holding Company Reports
    Emily Jameson: 314‑444‑3916 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑3916
  • Deposit Reporting and other statistical reporting
    Ben Landfried: 314‑444‑8643 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8643
  • Structure Reporting
    Lisa Mantia: 314‑444‑7357 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑7357
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