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Paul Morris

Senior Research Associate
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Paul Morris is a senior research associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Publications & Resources

  • St. Louis Fed Steps in to Provide More-Timely Jobs Data

    Second Quarter 2018 | Regional Economist

    St. Louis Fed supplements state and local employment data from the BLS, which provides just one revision a year.

  • Accounting for Age: The Financial Health of Millennials

    Second Quarter 2018 | Regional Economist

    Millennial households had a lower net worth in 2016 than Generation X households had in 2001. But the difference may be due to millennials’ longer schooling and delays in marriage and other major life events.

  • Many Americans Still Lack Retirement Savings

    First Quarter 2018 | Regional Economist

    Recent data show that about 35 percent of U.S. households don’t participate in any retirement savings plan. And many others have little saved.

  • Household Participation in Stock Market Varies Widely by State

    Third Quarter 2017 | Regional Economist

    An analysis of tax data suggests that households in Connecticut are more likely to own stocks than those in Mississippi, even when taking income into consideration.

  • Slowdown in Productivity: State vs. National Trend

    First Quarter 2017 | Regional Economist

    This slowdown is a national problem, but the cause and impact may not be the same for the whole country. To shed light on these matters, the data for each state’s productivity growth during the current and previous expansions are compared.

  • Unemployment by Industry: Duration Must Be Considered, Too

    January 2016 | Regional Economist

    To better understand unemployment in key industries, not only the unemployment rate but the duration of unemployment for those in the industry should be considered. Focusing on only the former could lead to misguided efforts to help the jobless.