Annual Report 2018 | Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Behind the Scenes with the FRED Team

Members of the FRED team recently took to the St. Louis Fed’s Economy Museum to discuss all things FRED: the Bank’s long-standing commitment to public service, FRED’s intrinsic value as a data aggregator, a few of the more interesting finds in FRED, and where FRED and its information services siblings might head next.

Katrina Stierholz Vice President and Director of Library and Research Information Services

Stierholz is a vice president in the Research division. She heads up the Bank's Homer Jones Library and the FRASER digital library. She also oversees the division’s economic education and editorial groups, as well as the St. Louis Fed Data Desk.

Keith Taylor
FRED Data Champion

Taylor manages the Research division's web developers and spearheads the strategic vision for FRED, ALFRED and GeoFRED. He also engages with outside groups, such as journalists and publishers, interested in integrating the FRED family into their work.

Yvetta Fortova
FRED Product Owner

Fortova is responsible for the collection, organization and publication of data in FRED, ALFRED and GeoFRED. She also leads the St. Louis Fed Data Desk's customer service and operations efforts, as well as the promotion of FRED-related products.

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