Fed Listens

A Report to the Federal Reserve's Board of Governors

In 2019, the Federal Reserve initiated a yearlong effort to assess its monetary policy strategy, tools and communication practices. This includes gathering input from diverse stakeholders and constituents at “Fed Listens” events being held in all 12 Reserve Bank districts.

Fed Listens

On Sept. 4, the St. Louis Fed event assembled members of the Bank’s six advisory councils, representing a geographically and industry-diverse group of stakeholders from the seven states that comprise the Fed’s Eighth District:

After lunch and brief welcoming remarks by Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman and St. Louis Fed President James Bullard, each council met in a working session to discuss their views on several topics—including the economy, the job market, inflation, interest rates and Fed communications—as well as their specific industries. In a closing plenary, each council reported out on their discussions and took questions from Bowman and Bullard.

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