Regional Economics

Regional Economics

  • us and eighth district imports and exports

    How Does Trade Differ between the U.S. and Eighth District?

    Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Who does the U.S. import from and export to? And how do Eighth Federal Reserve District states compare to the U.S. as a whole?

  • eighth district

    Why Are More Young Adults Still Living at Home?

    Monday, October 26, 2015

    The number of 25-year-olds living with their parents has risen significantly since 1999. What factors are at play?

  • regional us inflation

    Where in the Map Is Low Inflation Coming from?

    Monday, October 05, 2015

    The U.S. CPI inflation rate has hovered around zero for the past several months. But one region of the country has seen higher inflation than the others.

  • Housing Market Conditions

    The Housing Market Conditions (HMC) report is a quarterly overview of housing market conditions in each of the seven states that comprise the Federal Reserve's Eighth District and the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) of Little Rock, Louisville, Memphis and St. Louis.

  • Burgundy Books

    Burgundy Book

    The Burgundy Books from the St. Louis Fed complement the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book and offer a detailed summary of data and anecdotal information focused on economic conditions in each of the four zones of the Eighth Federal Reserve District: St. Louis, Little Rock, Louisville, and Memphis.

  • Beige Book article

    Beige Book

    The Beige Book is a summary of current economic conditions in the Eighth District. The information is gathered via survey and interviews from business contacts, economists, market experts, directors of the Bank and its branches, and others.

  • Great Trade Collapse icon

    The Great Trade Collapse and Rebound: A State-by-State View, Part 1: Introduction

    Cletus Coughlin, senior vice president and chief of staff to the president of the St. Louis Fed, gave a presentation on "The Great Trade Collapse and Rebound: A State-by-State View" on July 1, 2014, as part of the Global Economic Forum held at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

    Watch Part 1: Introduction

  • How the Fed's Regional Structure Affects Monetary Policy

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014

    The Fed's regional structure helps to ensure that views and perspectives from around the country are accounted for when discussing monetary policy.

  • Mind the Regional Output Gap

    This national outlook masks significant variation among states in their paths to recovery.


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