Women in Economics: Marina Azzimonti and Arantxa Jarque

April 05, 2024

Three women sit at a table with headphones and microphones in discussion.

Mary Clare Peate (right), senior economic education specialist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, interviews Senior Economic Research Advisor Marina Azzimonti (left) and Senior Policy Economist Arantxa Jarque, both of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

This 16-minute podcast was released April 5, 2024.

“We launched the center with the main objective to champion diversity in economics, both in academia and policymaking,” says Marina Azzimonti, senior economic research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and director of its Center for Advancing Women in Economics (AWE).

In this episode, Azzimonti is joined by AWE Associate Director Arantxa Jarque to discuss their new efforts to mentor and support women in economics.

This podcast features conversations with women and underrepresented minorities who are making their marks in the field of economics. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System.

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