Does Past Success Guarantee Future Results? The Yield Curve

September 05, 2023

This 13-minute podcast was released September 5, 2023, as a part of the Timely Topics podcast series.

Chris Neely in the recording studio, speaking with host Laura Taylor.

Chris Neely, economist and vice president at the St. Louis Fed.

“Although it isn’t exactly new, the most alarming recent feature of financial markets may be the inverted yield curve,” says Chris Neely, an economist and vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, explaining that short rates are higher than long rates currently and have been for some time. Neely joins Laura Taylor in a discussion about his research on the yield curve and recession indicators.


Economists and experts talk about their research, topics in the news and issues related to the Fed. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or the Federal Reserve System.

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