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Register for Professional Development from the St. Louis Fed

Experts. At your school. No charge.

Looking for some help with professional development? If you have an audience of 35 or more educators and can provide basic presentation tools, we’ll bring our training on economics, personal finance and data to your school.

All of the programs can be a half day or a full day long and are led by St. Louis Fed economic education staff members—all of whom have more than 10 years of teaching and curriculum development experience. Most workshops include sessions on content and demonstrations of classroom-ready, high-quality resources, lessons and activities.

We customize workshops to fit your school district’s needs. Sign up below to get started.

General Topics

Economics and Personal Finance

If a longer session is needed, the Economics and Personal Finance programs can take place over several days.

Economics topics include:

  • Basic economics
  • Macro- and microeconomics
  • Money and banking
  • International trade

Personal Finance topics include:

  • Earning income
  • Money management
  • Saving
  • Credit
  • Investment
  • Ensuring and protecting

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Resources

Demonstrations feature:

Data Literacy

Content sessions and demonstrations will cover:

  • Graphing and graph elements
  • Mapping
  • Data manipulation
  • Data analysis

Economics in Geography, History and Government

Topics include economic history and using primary sources, including documents, maps, and data. Participants will learn to integrate economics into courses including:

  • U.S. History
  • Advanced Placement U.S. History
  • U.S. Government and A.P. Comparative Government
  • U.S. and A.P. Human Geography

For K-8: Taking the EEK out of Economics, and Personal Finance

Programs will show how to integrate economics and personal finance into language arts, mathematics, and social studies classes.


For most of the programs, all we need from you is internet access, a screen and a projector—and your curiosity. Teacher Portal and Data Literacy participants need to bring laptop computers. Other requirements will vary depending on the topic chosen and the length of the program.

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