K-9s: A Different Breed of Federal Reserve Officer

August 21, 2018

This is the first in an ongoing series, “A Different Breed of Officer,” featuring the St. Louis Fed’s K-9 program. We are profiling the dogs and handlers who dedicate their lives to keeping employees and visitors safe. (For security reasons, names are not used.)

Pair of canine officers

The St. Louis Fed introduced K-9s in 2014. When these two dogs met their assigned handlers for the first time, they pulled a switcheroo: each one chose the other handler instead.

Getting to know your colleagues is part of any new job. That holds true even when your co-worker has four legs and a wagging tail.

“I remember when I first met my partner. She was much smaller than the photograph I had seen. I was like, ‘That’s not the dog from the picture!’” says the St. Louis Fed’s K-9 handler based at our Memphis, Tenn., branch.

“The five weeks we spent in training were basically acclimating us to each other—and breaking the stubborn streak that she has,” he adds, chuckling.

Meanwhile, the two K-9 handlers at our St. Louis headquarters recall how their furry new partners played a switcheroo, of sorts.

“When we met the dogs for the first time, we kind of let them choose us. My K-9 partner was originally supposed to go with the other officer, but she chose me,” says one of the St. Louis handlers. “Originally, we were still like, ‘OK, that’s supposed to be your partner and vice versa.’ But by the next day, we realized that’s the better way of doing it—letting the dog choose who they want to be with.”

Protecting Employees and Visitors

The St. Louis Fed introduced K-9s to our Law Enforcement division starting in 2014. Doing so added yet another level of security to a force dedicated to safeguarding people and property. They are extensively trained in various policing methods, including explosives detection.

Since then, our K-9 colleagues have become a beloved part of the Fed family.

“Our dogs add a great deal of value,” says the St. Louis Fed’s canine supervisor. “A dog and her handler are a team of two. It increases the safety here for Bank staff and guests alike.”

Meet the Team

Officer K, dark brown and tan canine

“Officer K,” age 6
Shepherd Malinois

Officer V, canine with golden coat

“Officer V,” age 6
Belgian Malinois cross

Officer P, canine with dark brown fur

“Officer P,” age 2
Dutch shepherd

“Officer K” is a 6-year-old shepherd Malinois with a keen nose and plucky demeanor. Her handler describes her as “a ball of fire, full of excitement.”

“Officer V” is a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois cross with bright eyes and a sweet disposition. “I’d say she is spoiled,” confesses her handler. “She loves attention all the time!”

“Officer P” is a 2-year-old Dutch shepherd who may be small in stature but is big on personality. “She’s a very hard-headed little girl, but she’s wonderful at what she does,” says her handler, adding that “she’s a ham. A total ham.”

A Job They Were Born For

Make no mistake: These are working dogs, born and bred in Poland. The St. Louis Fed's K-9 teams are certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association, and dogs and handlers perform rigorous, ongoing training. In fact, they have won recognition in explosives-detection competitions.

“These dogs are not like your pets,” says Officer P’s handler in Memphis. “They’re only really happy when they’re working.” 

When he greets his partner in the morning, “If I come outside in basketball shorts and a T-shirt, she is bummed. But if I come out in my uniform, she starts doing backflips in the kennel, like, let’s go!”

“The Best Partner”

Our St. Louis-based officers agree: Their K-9 partners love to stay active. Given the fact that they spend most waking hours with the dogs, that’s a huge commitment for a human handler.

“Officer V loves to run. I’m glad I have a big backyard; she likes to play fetch. When I get home from work, I’ll give her a good 10 throws,” her handler says.

“Officer K is very spirited,” admits her handler. “It’s all about trust: She has to trust me, and I have to trust her. And—trust me—earning that was tough. She challenged me the whole time when we first met.” Still, he jokes, giving Officer K a good pat, “I’ve got the best partner ever. She doesn’t talk back.”

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Christine Smith
Christine Smith

Christine Smith works in the External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division at the St. Louis Fed.

Christine Smith
Christine Smith

Christine Smith works in the External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division at the St. Louis Fed.

This blog explains everyday economics, explores consumer topics and answers Fed FAQs. It also spotlights the people and programs that make the St. Louis Fed central to America’s economy. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System.

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