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New Museum at the St. Louis Fed Takes Visitors Inside the Economy


ST. LOUIS — The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has opened the doors of its historic downtown building to welcome the public to its new Inside the Economy™ Museum. The 4,700-square-foot museum immerses visitors in an interactive, educational experience designed to explain the economy through nearly 100 displays, games, sculptures and videos.

“The purpose of the Inside the Economy Museum is to help demystify the economy so that people better understand how it works and their role in it,” said Karen Branding, senior vice president of Public Affairs at the St. Louis Fed. “The St. Louis Fed is a leader in promoting financial literacy and economic education, and the new museum is part of that commitment.”

Visitors to the museum learn about the economy in hands-on ways, such as by playing a trading pit game that lets them experience the high-adrenaline, quick-thinking life of a stock trader. Other exhibits explain how the decisions that people make with their money impact the economy, how education affects future earnings, how standards of living vary across nations, and much more.

The museum welcomes both walk-in visitors and groups. It is an ideal class field trip location for students in middle school through college. The compelling content is presented in a dynamic fashion as the St. Louis Fed’s traditional architectural setting is transformed into a modern, stimulating learning environment. To enhance their students’ learning experience, teachers can use the museum’s multipurpose classroom to discuss what their students have learned or to teach one of the St. Louis Fed’s ready-to-go lesson plans.

The museum is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. In the tradition of St. Louis’ renowned cultural institutions, admission is free. For more information about the exhibits and to request a group reservation, visit the museum web site at