FRED Redesign Focuses on Improved Functionality, Enhanced Graphs

March 17, 2014

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has launched an upgrade to its signature online database FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data). 

Late last year, the St. Louis Fed rolled out a beta-version of the new FRED graph platform, which goes live today. In addition to 213,000 data series from 64 sources, the upgraded FRED now features a whole new look and feel, as well as a suite of new interactive functionality including:      

New graphing options:

  • Mouse-sensitive plot displays
  • Click-and-drag graphing zooms
  • A stacking option that allows stacking series by value or percentage
  • A popularity indicator in the autocomplete menu for adding a data series 
  • Checkboxes that allow titles to be toggled on and off

New sharing options:

  • New sharing options for Twitter and Facebook, as well as graph-embed buttons
  • New links allowing users to download graphs as JPG, PDF, PNG or SVG files

Look and feel:

  • Streamlined menus for editing graphs
  • Graph editing is now possible directly on the series’ pages
  • Automatic changes to the graph occur without needing to click a redraw button
  • Enhanced font-size options labels
  • The title and legend and have been combined to save space

Additionally, FRED’s improved tool kit also features a customizable dashboard.  The new FRED dashboard allows users to assemble a collection of widgets that can be shared, such as time-series FRED graphs, data tables, data lists and individual observations.  The widgets can be set to automatically update or retain their static values.

The FRED family includes GeoFRED for mapping and ALFRED for archival data. These resources have produced an unparalleled platform accessed by over 2 million people per year from almost every country in the world.

To learn more about the FRED updates, see

 or by contacting the FRED Team at or (314) 444-8444.


                                         Copyrighted Series Disclaimer

Most data series on FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) are in the public domain; however, some series are copyrighted. We cannot grant you permission to use the copyrighted series. Permission must be obtained from the copyright owner. For more information, see our FAQ and terms and conditions at  A list of copyrighted series on FRED can be found at

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