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FRED Adds 54,000 Sector-Level Employment Data Series from the BLS


ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Federal Reserve’s premier economic database, FRED, has added 54,000 economic data series.  These data come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) State and Area Earnings, Hour and Earnings database.  The database features the industries that reflect significant economic activity in a respective state or metropolitan area.  The BLS report features up to 300 industries for the largest states.  This raises the total number of data series available on FRED to 212,000 series, from 61 vetted sources.

Of particular note, is that these latest data will help users better study economic concepts and make comparisons in very specific employment sectors, all the way down to the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) level.

An examination of nominal wages for a specific sector or MSA provides another example.

As always, the FRED platform primarily serves as the aggregator, not the source, of the economic data.  The benefit to the end user is that the FRED platform provides a one-stop-shop for data visualization and research needs, rather than gathering each series down from its respective source. 

Mortgage Data

In addition to the sector-level data, FRED also recently added 36 weekly series from Freddie Mac pertaining to mortgage origination fees, discount points and adjustable rate mortgage margins for the U.S. and the five Freddie Mac regions.

Display Custom Data on a Web Site or Blog

The newly released FRED widget now gives users the ability to embed a custom data table on a blog or web site. The widget will update the data series automatically.  Select up to 10 data series from the 212,000 series available.

In combination with the raw data, the FRED family—which also includes GeoFRED for mapping and ALFRED for archival data— has produced an unparalleled platform accessed by more than 2 million people per year from almost every country in the world.

Additional information on the FRED updates can be found at

or by contacting the FRED Team at or (314) 444-8444.


Copyrighted Series Disclaimer

Most data series on FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data) are in the public domain; however, some series are copyrighted. We cannot grant you permission to use the copyrighted series. Permission must be obtained from the copyright owner. For more information, see our FAQ and terms and conditions at  A list of copyrighted series on FRED can be found at