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St. Louis Fed's Erin Yetter teaches personal finance lessons to children in Louisville


Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC), based in Louisville, strives to increase financial literacy among its students. As part of this initiative, the school invited Erin Yetter, economic education specialist at the Louisville Branch of the St. Louis Fed, to Family Fun Day, hosted by JCTC’s Single Parent Student Organization. This special event was part of the ongoing partnership between the Louisville Branch and JCTC to promote financial literacy.  To address the theme of the day, Yetter shared personal finance lessons and played games with the children and their parents that emphasized the importance of saving.

The children completed lessons in the Fed’s Piggy Bank Primer series, colored pictures and created piggy banks out of tissue boxes. After completing their piggy banks, the children wrote down sentences (or drew pictures) about something they wanted to save for on a “Savings Goal” card. Then, they put the cards in their piggy banks to remind them of their savings goals. Yetter also talked with the children about strategies for reaching their savings goals.

In addition to this event, Branch staff is working with JCTC to implement a financial literacy curriculum unit in their First Year Experience course, acting as subject-matter experts on their Financial Literacy Committee and providing curriculum materials and training to instructors.