New Education Resource: Tools for Teaching the Arkansas Economics and Personal Finance Course


In partnership with Economics Arkansas, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis presents the Tools for Teaching the Arkansas Economics and Personal Finance Course. This is a free, semester-long economics and personal finance course that complements the Common Core State Standards [CCSS] in mathematics, English language arts and reading, and is aligned to the Arkansas State Economics Frameworks, as well as the National Standards in Economics. The course includes online and print resources from the St. Louis Fed, the Federal Reserve System, and an abundance of high-quality, effective lessons for high school economics teachers. This free resource includes lessons, PowerPoint presentations, data sources and web links to increase technology use in the classroom, enhance the CCSS and increase economic and financial literacy. The activity-based lessons help teachers provide differentiated instruction. Many of the lessons include formative and summative assessments.

Economics Arkansas and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are proud to present this engaging resource for both teachers and students. We hope that this resource and partnership will serve as a model for other states.

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