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Robert Hopkins discusses the Burgundy Books in an interview with Talk Business Arkansas


In an interview about the recent Burgundy Books release, Robert Hopkins, regional executive for the Little Rock Branch of the St. Louis Fed, talks with Roby Brock on a Talk Business Arkansas TV segment. Hopkins begins with an overview of the Eighth District and the history of the Burgundy Books. He points out that in the recent release, indicators, such as an upward trend in housing prices, point to continued modest growth in the Arkansas region. Hopkins discusses anecdotal information that suggests that local business owners are unsure about how the health-care reform will impact them, so they are unwilling to take risks to hire new employees and to expand their businesses. The segment concludes with a brief explanation of the role of the Little Rock Branch. Hopkins discusses its role in monetary policy issues and data collection, economic education, and outreach to community development groups in low- and moderate-income communities.