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September Burgundy Book Shows Weakness for St. Louis Regional Economy


ST. LOUIS - The September edition of the Burgundy Book, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ quarterly summary of detailed economic information and data for the St. Louis region, is now available. The St. Louis region covers 71 counties in eastern Missouri and 45 counties in southern Illinois. (To view online visit the Bank’s Web site:

In addition, MP3 audio clips, in English and Spanish, of highlights from the Burgundy Book can be heard at: The English audio clip features St. Louis Fed economist Kevin Kliesen, and the Spanish clip features St. Louis Fed economist Alejandro Badel commenting on several important economic indices in the St. Louis region, including labor and housing market conditions.

The St. Louis Fed will also release separate, detailed reports on the economies in its Little Rock, Ark., Louisville, Ky., and Memphis, Tenn., regions on the same day and time.

Additional Burgundy Books for 2012 will be released on Dec. 23. The Burgundy Books are released approximately two weeks after the release of the Beige Book.