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St. Louis Fed Releases Econ Ed Mobile App for the iPad/iPhone


ST. LOUIS -- The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has released its first economic education and personal finance application for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.  The Econ Ed Mobile app is free to download and available at

The Econ Ed Mobile app allows students, educators, consumers or anyone interested in improving their economic and personal finance knowledge to gain a better understanding of how inflation and the cost of credit can affect their spending and saving decisions.

 With the app, you can:

  • investigate the cost of goods and services purchased in one year compared with another year;
  • use interactive graphs to compare inflation rates at various points in our nation’s history;
  • examine how interest rates, monthly payments and time can affect the overall cost of using credit; and
  • play two challenge games to see how well you can estimate the cost of credit and the price of goods and services over time.

The Econ Ed Mobile app is the latest example of the St. Louis Fed’s ongoing efforts to improve the economic and personal finance knowledge of students across the country.  In 2011, lesson plans and course materials that were developed by the Bank were downloaded more than 250,000 times by teachers.  In addition, over 45,000 students from 49 states were enrolled in online economic and personal finance courses provided by the Bank.

To learn more about the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ economic education programs, visit