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A Bleak 30 Years for Black Men: Economic Progress Was Slim in Urban America

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Letter Writer:

Eric Jennings, Ed.D., teacher and researcher in New York City

Date Posted:

Sept. 28, 2010


This article is a great update to the 1982 book by Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison, "The Deindustrialization of America." and to Sidney Willhelm's 1970 work "Who Needs the Negro?" These were published before the long-term unemployment you documented in the 1980s, which gave rise to the crack cocaine trade. Willhelm was prophetic in his 1986 article "The Economic Demise of Blacks in America:  A Prelude to Genocide" because this article came before the ravages of the crack cocaine trade and its "offspring"—gun violence and mass incarceration. In the spirit of these authors, please continue your great work.