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In the News

St. Louis Business Journal Highlights HFS Work on Generational Wealth Gaps
A recent blog entry about the Center’s analysis into the gap in generational wealth was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal. In “St. Louis Fed: Wealth gap gets worse for millennials,” reporter Greg Edwards covered a recent On the Economy blog post that looked at the Center’s “Demographics of Wealth” series in light of new findings from the U.S. Census Bureau that current retiree pension income may be underreported.  On Aug. 1, Rebecca Corral of KCBS radio in San Francisco also conducted a live interview with Center lead economist William Emmons on the topic.

Emmons, Ricketts Blog Picked Up by Fortune
An article written by the Center’s lead economist, William Emmons, and lead analyst Lowell Ricketts, was featured by Fortune on February 6.  In the article that was originally published in the St. Louis Fed’s “On the Economy” blog, Emmons and Ricketts discuss the model they created to answer a hypothetical question: How much wealth would we expect a particular family to have based solely on its education level and race/ethnicity, all else equal?

Washington Post Publishes Boshara Op-Ed
In an op-ed published April 13 in the Washington Post, Center director Ray Boshara discussed research presented at the Center’s “Does College Level the Playing Field?” symposium in May 2016 that shows black college graduates have lost wealth over the past generation. He also presented a series of possible responses.

Ricketts Cited in Wall Street Journal 
The Center’s lead analyst, Lowell Ricketts, was featured in the March 30 edition of the Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” column. The column featured findings from the 4Q 2016 Quarterly Debt Monitor, which highlighted the rise in serious delinquency rates for auto debt.

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