Widespread Media Coverage Highlights Essay on Rebuilding Family Balance Sheets and the Economy

Multiple local and national media outlets featured coverage of the St. Louis Fed's 2012 annual report essay, "After the Fall: Rebuilding Family Balance Sheets, Rebuilding the Economy," published May 30, 2013.

Coverage included the following outlets: ABC News, The Atlantic, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CBS News, CNBC, Dow Jones Business News, Mother Jones, the New York Times, PBS NewsHour, Planet Money, To the Point (Public Radio International), Time Magazine, the St. Louis American, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, TheStreet.com, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Monthly, the Washington Post and the Washington Times.

In the essay from the St. Louis Fed's new Center for Household Financial Stability, authors Ray Boshara and William Emmons provide data on the damage to household wealth during the Great Recession, explore the circumstances that led to large declines in household wealth, make the case that such wealth has not fully recovered and show why all of that matters for U.S. economic recovery.

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