Speeches and Presentations

Nov. 30, 2016 | St. Louis, Mo.

Wealth Inequality Across American Families: A Demographic Perspective
Presentation by Lowell Ricketts
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July 22, 2016 | St. Louis, Mo. 

Economic Disparity in St. Louis City and County
Presentation by Lowell Ricketts
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June 9, 2016 | New York, NY

Tipping Points: Mapping and Understanding the Impact of Debt on Household Financial Well Being and Economic Growth
Presented by the Center for Household Financial Stability and the Private Debt Project of the Governor’s Woods Foundation

May 25-26, 2016 | St. Louis, Mo.

Does College Level the Playing Field? Racial and Ethnic Differences in Family Wealth among College-Educated Families
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April 13, 2016 | Washington, D.C.

A Demographic Approach to the Financial Challenges of Economically Vulnerable Families
Presentation by Ray Boshara and William R. Emmons for Financial Capability Month at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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March 16, 2016 | Cleveland, Miss.

Academic Success and Financial Skills: Keys to Building Wealth
Presentation by William R. Emmons for “Moving from Talk to Action: Resource and Community Forum”
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