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In the Balance: Perspectives on Household Balance Sheets

In the Balance is a collection of short essays related to research on understanding and strengthening the balance sheets of American households.

Past Issues

Children of College Graduates Earn More and Are Richer
by Ana Hernández Kent
Issue 23, 2018.

As Fewer Young Adults Wed, Married Couples’ Wealth Surpasses Others’ 
by Lowell R. Ricketts and Fenaba R. Addo
Issue 22, 2018.

Bankruptcy Rules and “Medicaid Churn” Affect Saving of Families Planning for Medical Bills 
by Emily Gallagher
Issue 21, 2018.

Tipping Points Symposia

Tipping Points I: Mapping and Understanding the Impact of Debt on Household Financial Well-Being

Tipping Points II: Mapping and Understanding the Impact of Debt on Economic Growth

Tipping Points III: Debt-Financed Homeownership – Its Evolution, Impact, and Future

The Demographics of Wealth

The Demographics of Wealth series takes a deep dive into the demographic factors surrounding wealth accumulation in the United States. Age, education, and race or ethnicity appear to have a connection to wealth.


Essay No. 1: The Financial Returns from College across Generations: Large but Unequal

Essay No. 2: A Lost Generation? Long-Lasting Wealth Impacts of the Great Recession on Young Families

Essay No. 3: The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall: The Decline of the White Working Class


Essay No. 1: Race, Ethnicity and Wealth

Essay No. 2: The Role of Education

Essay No. 3: Age, Birth Year and Wealth

Additional Staff Publications

Ray Boshara

William R. Emmons

Ana Hernández Kent

Lowell R. Ricketts

Barry Z. Cynamon

Fenaba R. Addo

Emily Gallagher

Bradley L. Hardy