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Welcoming Remarks

April 26, 2012  

Ray Boshara, policy officer and director of the St. Louis Fed's Household Financial Stability initiative, welcomes guests to the "The New American Challenge: Learning To Save To Build Wealth" conference, held April 26, 2012, in the Bank's Gateway Conference Center. The lecture, which was co-hosted by the St. Louis Fed and Washington University, featured guest speaker Sheldon Garon, author of Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves; Michael Sherraden, the founder and director of Washington University's Center for Social Development; and William Emmons, St. Louis Fed assistant vice president and chief economist of the Household Financial Stability initiative. This was the first in a planned speaker series to be offered by the St. Louis Fed and Washington University. More information about the initiative and upcoming speakers can be found at

Part 1: Welcoming Remarks (12:02)
Part 2: Sheldon Garon, Princeton University Nissan Professor of History and Asian Studies (34:19)
Part 3: Panel Discussion (20:48)
Part 4: Question and Answer Discussion (24:50)