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Yvonne Sparks, Luncheon Keynote Introduction

October 25-26, 2012 | St. Louis Mo.

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October 25, 2012

   What's All the Buzz About? (3:05)

   Welcome, Julie Stackhouse (10:39)

   Ray Boshara: Why Financial Inclusion Matters (18:23)

   Opening Keynote: Melissa Koide (25:46)

   Opening Keynote Panel (15:57)

Plenary Session One: Who are the Unbanked and Underbanked?
   Moderator: Jennifer Tescher (8:36)
   Presenter: Keith Ernst (22:33)
   Presenter: Lisa Locke (12:10)
   Presenter: Steven Shepelwich (8:36)
   Plenary Session One Panel Discussion (36:26)

Luncheon Keynote
now playing  Introduction: Yvonne Sparks (3:31)
   Luncheon Keynote: Clifford Rosenthal (38:45)

Session Two: What Products Exist to Meet Their Needs?
   Overview: Louisa Quittman (5:26)

- Track One: Payment Products
   Moderator: Terri Bradford (5:23)
   Presenter: Haydeé Moreno (18:19)
   Presenter: John Thompson (11:20)
   Presenter: John Metz (14:57)
   Track One Panel Discussion (26:10)

- Track Two: Credit Products
   Moderator: Vikki Frank (13:01)
   Presenter: Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez (13:36)
   Presenter: Paul Woodruff (12:12)
   Presenter: Laura Castro de Cortés (7:51)
   Presenter: Jonathan Harrison (12:13)
   Track Two Panel Discussion (9:32)

- Track Three: Savings Products
   Full Session (1:11:25)

October 26, 2012

   Day Two Opening Keynote Introduction: Ray Boshara (4:11)

   Day Two Opening Keynote: Jennifer Tescher (30:24)

- Plenary Session Three: Distribution Channels – Mobile Financial Services
   Moderator: Royce Sutton (4:17)
   Presenter: Marianne Crowe (23:33)
   Presenter: Jeanne Hogarth (19:02)
   Plenary Session Three Panel Discussion (9:18)

- Plenary Session Four: Distribution Channels – Tech vs. Touch
   Moderator: Sarah Gordon (5:33)
   Presenter: Tina Lentz (6:30)
   Presenter: Patricia Hasson (8:09)
   Presenter: Laura Castro de Cortes (7:48)
   Presenter: Suresh Ramamurthi (6:44)
   Plenary Session Four Panel Discussion (34:50)

   Closing Plenary: Reflection and Synthesis on Forging Pathways to Wealth-Building Financial Services (44:35)

   Wrap-up and Adjourn: Ray Boshara (3:24)


Yvonne Sparks: Thank you. Thank you. My name is Yvonne Sparks, and I am the Community Development Officer here at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, and I would like to join my colleagues in welcoming you all here. This is very, very exciting, and we appreciate you all taking the time to join us here today. I have the distinct pleasure of introducing our keynote speaker today. And as you may know, those of you in the industry know Cliff Rosenthal is a pioneer. Pioneer may be too mild a word. Trail blazer is probably the more appropriate description of Cliff. He has been in this field before the field even had a name. He was doing the work that we have all come to love and find so important, and in years far beyond the 20 years of the asset building field, and Michael Sheridan’s work. Cliff is the Assistant Director for the Office of Financial Empowerment for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He leads the Bureau’s efforts to protect and empower all consumers, especially those of low income and other vulnerable populations who face barriers through accessing financial services for transactions, credit, payments, and other services. He’s well known not only in working with low income communities and individuals, but also in the field of community development finance. He was the chairman and then CEO of the National Federation—excuse me—of Community Development Credit Unions. He helped design and later managed what was one of the earliest community development financial intermediaries in the United States. The Capitalization Program for Community Development Credit Unions. He co-founded the National Community Development Financial Institutions Coalition, which led to the eventual formation of the CDFI Fund at the Department of Treasury. He led the development of programs that are now ubiquitous, such as IDAs and micro-lending in the United States.

There are many, many other things that we might say about Mr. Rosenthal, but you can read that on your own. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct privilege to introduce Cliff Rosenthal. Thank you.