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Ray Boshara: Day Two Opening Keynote Introduction

October 25-26, 2012 | St. Louis Mo.

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October 25, 2012

   What's All the Buzz About? (3:05)

   Welcome, Julie Stackhouse (10:39)

   Ray Boshara: Why Financial Inclusion Matters (18:23)

   Opening Keynote: Melissa Koide (25:46)

   Opening Keynote Panel (15:57)

Plenary Session One: Who are the Unbanked and Underbanked?
   Moderator: Jennifer Tescher (8:36)
   Presenter: Keith Ernst (22:33)
   Presenter: Lisa Locke (12:10)
   Presenter: Steven Shepelwich (8:36)
   Plenary Session One Panel Discussion (36:26)

Luncheon Keynote
   Introduction: Yvonne Sparks (3:31)
   Luncheon Keynote: Clifford Rosenthal (38:45)

Session Two: What Products Exist to Meet Their Needs?
   Overview: Louisa Quittman (5:26)

- Track One: Payment Products
   Moderator: Terri Bradford (5:23)
   Presenter: Haydeé Moreno (18:19)
   Presenter: John Thompson (11:20)
   Presenter: John Metz (14:57)
   Track One Panel Discussion (26:10)

- Track Two: Credit Products
   Moderator: Vikki Frank (13:01)
   Presenter: Sheri Flanigan-Vazquez (13:36)
   Presenter: Paul Woodruff (12:12)
   Presenter: Laura Castro de Cortés (7:51)
   Presenter: Jonathan Harrison (12:13)
   Track Two Panel Discussion (9:32)

- Track Three: Savings Products
   Full Session (1:11:25)

October 26, 2012

now playing  Day Two Opening Keynote Introduction: Ray Boshara (4:11)

   Day Two Opening Keynote: Jennifer Tescher (30:24)

- Plenary Session Three: Distribution Channels – Mobile Financial Services
   Moderator: Royce Sutton (4:17)
   Presenter: Marianne Crowe (23:33)
   Presenter: Jeanne Hogarth (19:02)
   Plenary Session Three Panel Discussion (9:18)

- Plenary Session Four: Distribution Channels – Tech vs. Touch
   Moderator: Sarah Gordon (5:33)
   Presenter: Tina Lentz (6:30)
   Presenter: Patricia Hasson (8:09)
   Presenter: Laura Castro de Cortes (7:48)
   Presenter: Suresh Ramamurthi (6:44)
   Plenary Session Four Panel Discussion (34:50)

   Closing Plenary: Reflection and Synthesis on Forging Pathways to Wealth-Building Financial Services (44:35)

   Wrap-up and Adjourn: Ray Boshara (3:24)


Ray Boshara: Thanks, everybody. Good morning. I hope you all had a—Hi, Julie. I’m way more relaxed today than yesterday. I hope everybody had a good day yesterday. And we heard a lot of great feedback and I happen to sit through part of all the roundtables this morning. And from what I could tell, those went really well as well.

So thank you all for sticking around. I apologize we didn’t have good weather and a baseball game to offer you last night, but I hope you had a great evening.

Listen, before I introduce Jennifer, I just want to make a request that you all fill out the evaluation. All right? It’s really important for us. We’re doing this forum for the first time. And we’d really love to hear what you think, what worked well, what didn’t work well, what we can do better in the future. And as a little bit of an incentive, and I hope Julie okays this, we are offering free registration at any St. Louis Fed event over the next year for the one person that we draw—We’re going to take all the evaluations we receive. We’re going to select one. And whoever that person is will get a free registration at a St. Louis Fed event. You okay with that, Julie? Great. Okay. This is not normally how we do Fed policy here. I sort of announce it and hope that it’s okay. (laughs)

So thank you all. The forms were in your packets. They’re on the tables. You can’t miss them. So please take a moment, especially while everything was fresh from yesterday.

So let me pivot to introducing Jennifer Tescher, who I think in this room I’m not even sure needs an introduction. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jennifer about 15 years ago on the, sort of the big, individual development account demonstration, ADD they called it, the American Dream Demonstration, which was launched in 1997 at about 13 sites around the country, 2400 accounts. And Jennifer was managing the IDA program on behalf of ShoreBank in Chicago. And I remember, we had a meeting in one of their, in Chicago. And Jennifer gave me a tour of her office. And she had this tiny little, windowless cubicle at ShoreBank. But from there she was doing great things.

And she went, in fact, went on to launch, I think eight years ago, The Center for Financial Services Innovation, which I can’t say enough good things about. Jennifer has, you know, she picked this part of the field to take and to do a deep dive on. And she has filled this space beautifully.

She is an innovator, an institution builder, a field builder, a thought leader, and totally creative. I was at one of her underbanked forums a couple of years ago and she somehow made a connection between lipstick and financial services. I’m not quite sure how she did it, but it worked.

And the other thing I’d say about Jennifer is, you know, we all talk about doing good and helping companies do well. You know, Jennifer’s really thought about that. And she emphasized and thought a lot about how do you help companies make money, but also serve the poor responsibly. And they’re really tackling that challenge.

And, finally, just let me say that we could not have organized this forum without Sarah and Jennifer and the leadership of CFSI. And, of course, our other partners as well, Treasury and the Kansas City Fed. But CFSI, we’re thrilled to be in partnership with you. We appreciate your leadership and your time and commitment here today.