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The Great Trade Collapse and Rebound: A State-by-State View, Part 2: Country-based Results

Cletus Coughlin, senior vice president and policy adviser to the president of the St. Louis Fed, gave a presentation on "The Great Trade Collapse and Rebound: A State-by-State View" on July 1, 2014, as part of the Global Economic Forum held at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Part 2: Country-based Results

Coughlin presents U.S. data on known exports, extensive margin and intensive margin during the trade collapse (2008-2009) and the trade rebound (2009-2010). He then compares U.S. data to France, Japan, and Belgium during those same periods and compares U.S. trade data during the Great Trade Collapse to similar data from the 2001 recession and 1997 Asian financial crisis.

More from the presentation:

Presentation slides (pdf)


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Country-based Results

Part 3: Exporting Firms and Export Markets

Part 4: Trade Margins: Collapse and Rebound

Part 5: Additional Results: Time, Size, Geographic, and Demand Perspectives on the Collapse and Rebound

Part 6: Summary of Results

Part 7: Question-and-Answer Session with the Audience

The presentation is based on Coughlin's paper, "The Great Trade Collapse and Rebound: A State-by-State View," which appeared in the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review.


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