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The Case of the Shrunken Allowance Lesson for Grades 1-3

The Case of the Shrunken Allowance

Students listen to a story about P.B. who thinks money is missing from the peanut butter jar on his window ledge. In addition to basic concepts of saving and spending, students learn currency equivalency and some measurement concepts.

•  Lesson (pdf)

•  Whiteboard (SMART/notebook)

•  Whiteboard (ActivInspire/flipchart)

• Q&A (pdf)

Parents: View the Q&A using The Case of the Shrunken Allowance.

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 1, 2, and 3.

This book is out of print but is available used.


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Audience:   Elementary School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Literature, Personal Finance, STEM
Resource Types:   Lessons, SMART/Promethean/Whiteboard
Concepts:   Spending, Saving, Banks, Interest, Income