The Berenstain Bears Get the Gimmies

The Berenstain Bears Get the GimmiesIn this lesson, students hear a story about Brother and Sister Bear, who seem to want everything. The little cubs learn that they must make choices because they cannot have everything they want. Students follow along with the story by completing an activity listing all of the goods that will satisfy the cubs' wants. The students then take part in an activity to construct a word web and graphic organizer (table) to identify goods that will satisfy a want. They will make a choice, identify the problem of scarcity, and recognize their opportunity cost. (Book written by Stan and Jan Berenstain / ISBN: 978-0-394-80566-5)

lesson (.pdf) / This book is in print and available.
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Audience:   Elementary School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Literature, Economics
Resource Types:   Lessons, SMART/Promethean/Whiteboard
Concepts:   Scarcity, Wants, Decision Making, Opportunity Cost
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