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Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics - Teaching with FRED

The Starting Point: Teaching and Learning Economics website introduces economists to innovative teaching strategies using Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). It provides instructors with the tools to begin integrating and assessing these teaching strategies in their own classrooms; it also promotes the sharing of teaching innovations among instructors. Included among the strategies are seven lessons for integrating FRED. Topics include:

Structural Change in Male/Female Differences in Unemployment Rates over Time

Are Recessions Good for Gas Prices?

Where Do You Want to Live?

Unemployment or Inflation? That is the Question!

From Data and Theory to Real Life: The Impact of the Great Recession

Purchasing Power Parity

Using State-Level Data to Study Unemployment Rates

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Audience:   College
Language:   English
Subjects:   AP, Economics, STEM, Data Literacy
Resource Types:   Data, Lessons
Concepts:   Unemployment