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Splat the Cat Takes the Cake Lesson for Grades 2-3

In this lesson, students participate in a market activity in which a market for cake ingredients is set up to demonstrate the process of using a spending budget. They listen to the story Splat the Cat Takes the Cake and answer comprehension questions through a student-led Q&A. By participating in the opening market activity and reading the story, students use what they have read and learned to conclude that the ingredients Splat used were purchased with money that was earned. They participate in a read-aloud activity to identify specific long-vowel sounds and earn Splat bucks. They use the Splat bucks to purchase materials to decorate a cake and track their spending.

•  Lesson (pdf)

This lesson plan is designed for teaching grades 2 and 3.

Book written by Rob Scotton / ISBN: 978-06-197859-3.

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Audience:   Elementary School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Personal Finance, Economics, Literature
Resource Types:   Lessons
Concepts:   Budget/Money Management, Income, Opportunity Cost, Saving