Something Special for Me

Something Special for Me

In this lesson, students learn about the act of saving and how the accumulation of money saved is termed savings. They are read a story about a family that saves and how savings can be used to make a large purchase the family would not ordinarily be able to make. They recognize that there is an opportunity cost to saving, as well as an opportunity cost to spending.
(Book written by Vera B. Williams/ISBN-13: 978-0-688-06526-3 / This book is in print and available.)

•  Lesson (pdf)

•  Whiteboard (SMART/notebook)

•  Whiteboard (ActivInspire/flipchart)


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Audience:   Elementary School
Language:   English
Subjects:   Literature, Economics
Resource Types:   Lessons, SMART/Promethean/Whiteboard
Concepts:   Saving, Opportunity Cost
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