Girl Scout Junior Activities to Earn the Savvy Shopper Badge

We are faced with the need to make decisions, both big and small, on a daily basis. The earlier young people learn how to make a good decision, the better their decision-making skills will be. In the short online course Once Upon a Decision, Junior Girl Scouts will read and listen to a story about Ella, who has decisions to make. While most of her decisions are easy, she runs across a hard one and employs a decision-making tool to help solve her problem.

Savvy Shopper Badge Objectives:

1. Explore your needs and wants.
2. Look into why you want what you want.
3. Find out what makes people happy (or not) with what they buy.
4. Learn how to decide what to buy.
5. Make a plan to buy something you need or want.

Activity Objectives include Badge Objectives 1, 2, 3, and 4 plus the following:

1. Define opportunity cost, alternative, criteria.
2. List alternatives to a decision.
3. State criteria for making a decision.
4. Evaluate alternatives based on criteria.

Concepts covered in the online course include: decision making, opportunity cost, alternatives, and criteria.

Go to the Once Upon a Decision online course

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