Videos from the 16th Annual St. Louis Fed Professors Conference, Diversity in the Economics Classroom and in the Discipline

Effective teaching in the classroom requires that professors know their material, keep up to date on changes in the field, and use innovative and engaging teaching methods. This can be daunting: It's much easier to maintain the status quo. The 2018 St. Louis Fed Professors Conference focused on effective teaching, and it also took on the elephant in the economics classroom – the lack of diversity in the profession.

Conference Speakers and Features

Lisa Cook, associate professor of economics and international relations, Michigan State University, presented "Lost Einsteins and Katherines: Innovation, Diversity, and Economic Growth."

Martha Olney, teaching professor of economics, University of California, Berkeley, presented "Addressing Diversity and Inclusion through Pedagogy."

Panel Discussion: Increasing Diversity in the Econ Major: The Role of Teaching

  • Martha Olney, University of California, Berkeley
  • Tisha Emerson, Baylor University
  • Lisa Cook, Michigan State University
  • Gail Heyne Hafer, St. Louis Community College - Meramec

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