Personal Finance 101 Chats

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Personal Finance 101 Chats will help students with learning basic personal finance skills such as using prepaid debit cards and getting a car loan.

Some of the chats are also available in Spanish »

•  1040EZ

•  All About Debit Cards

•  Buy Here Pay Here

•  Car Insurance


•  How to Get a Car Loan

•  How to Open a Bank Account

•  Interviewing Tips

•  Payday Loans

•  Prepaid Debit Cards

•  Rent to Own

•  Résumé 101

•  W-4


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Audience:   High School, Consumers, Middle School, College
Language:   English
Subjects:   Personal Finance
Resource Types:   Multimedia, Series
Concepts:   Types of Loans, Taxes, Insurance, Lenders/Borrowers, Non-Bank Financial Services, Banks, Paying for College, Credit, Interest

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