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Use these questions with children 5 to 7 years old to discuss the following economic concepts in The Have a Good Day Cafe: advertising, consumers, goods, and services.

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Book written by Frances Park and Ginger Park (ISBN: 978-1-60060-358-7).


1. How did Mike help his parents and Grandma advertise for their new Korean food cart?
Mike helped his parents and Grandma advertise their new food cart by drawing a large sign with the food cart’s new name, “Have a Good Day Cafe.”

2. Goods are things that satisfy can satisfy people’s wants. What types of goods were Mike and his family selling?

3. Consumers are people who buy goods and services to satisfy their wants. Who were the consumers in the story?
The consumers in the story were the people who bought food from the food carts.

4. What were the consumers’ tastes and preferences for food?
The consumers enjoyed eating both American food and Korean food, such as bulgogi, bibim bap, and mandoo.

5. Why did Mike and Grandma decide to cook Korean food for the food cart?
Many new food carts offering the same types of food arrived, so there was too much competition. Mike and Grandma decided to cook Korean food because no other food cart offered Korean food.

6. What are some other ways Mike could have helped advertise the new food cart?
Answers will vary and may include the following: distributing hand-drawn flyers to people, drawing more signs and hanging them up, making announcements on a loud speaker, or advertising on the Internet.

7. If you had a food cart, what kind of food would you want to sell?
Answers will vary.


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