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Use these questions with children 3 to 7 years old to discuss the following economic concepts in Betty Bunny Wants Everything: choice, scarcity, and wants.

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Book written by Michael B. Kaplan (ISBN: 978-0-8037-3408-1).

This book is also used in Kiddynomics: An Economics Curriculum for Young Learners.


1. At the beginning of the story, Betty Bunny’s mother took Betty and her siblings to a toy store. As a special treat, how many toys could they each pick out?
One toy each

2. What was the first toy Betty Bunny picked out?
A little bunny that looked like her

3. What problem did Betty Bunny have?
Betty wanted more than one toy, but her Mom said she could have only one.

4. What does it mean to make a choice?
To pick between options

5. What did Betty’s mother tell Betty would happen if she couldn’t pick out just one toy?
Betty would not get a toy.

6. Why couldn’t Betty Bunny have all the toys she wanted?
Her room was too small to hold them all, they cost too much, and her mom said no.

7. Scarcity is the name for the problem when you can’t have everything you want. What did Betty’s parents give Betty to help her make choices at the toy store?
They gave Betty a limited amount of money to spend.

8. What choices did Betty Bunny make with the money her parents gave her?
Betty bought Little Betty, a stuffed bunny that looked like her, and saved some money.

9. What was Betty Bunny’s new problem after she bought Little Betty?
Betty said Little Betty wanted lots of toys, and Betty couldn’t get Little Betty to understand that she couldn’t have everything she wanted.

10. What did Betty Bunny want her parents to do for Little Betty?
Betty wanted her parents to give Little Betty some money, too.


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