Dashboards of Key Economic Data, by State

These classroom-ready dashboards show how FRED gives students the latest insights into real world data related to employment, earnings, and education.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) lets anyone download, graph and track U.S. and international time series from more than 100 sources.

Anyone can create, save, download, and share custom graphs and maps using current and historical economic data for their community, state, and nation. All of the graphs update with the latest data releases.

View the Key Economic Data by State Dashboards:

Alabama: dashboard

Alaska: dashboard

Arizona: dashboard

Arkansas: dashboard

California: dashboard

Colorado: dashboard

Connecticut: dashboard

Delaware: dashboard

Florida: dashboard

Georgia: dashboard

Hawaii: dashboard

Idaho: dashboard

Illinois: dashboard

Indiana: dashboard

Iowa: dashboard

Kansas: dashboard

Kentucky: dashboard

Louisiana: dashboard

Maine: dashboard

Maryland: dashboard

Massachusetts: dashboard

Michigan: dashboard

Minnesota: dashboard

Mississippi: dashboard

Missouri: dashboard

Montana: dashboard

Nebraska: dashboard

Nevada: dashboard

New Hampshire: dashboard

New Jersey: dashboard

New Mexico: dashboard

New York: dashboard

North Carolina: dashboard

North Dakota: dashboard

Ohio: dashboard

Oklahoma: dashboard

Oregon: dashboard

Pennsylvania: dashboard

Rhode Island: dashboard

South Carolina: dashboard

South Dakota: dashboard

Tennessee: dashboard

Texas: dashboard

Utah: dashboard

Vermont: dashboard

Virginia: dashboard

Washington: dashboard

West Virginia: dashboard

Wisconsin: dashboard

Wyoming: dashboard

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