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These classroom-ready posters show how two free data tools—FRED and GeoFRED—give students the latest insights into real world employment, earnings, and education.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) lets anyone download, graph and track more than a quarter million U.S. and international time series from dozens of sources. GeoFRED maps that data with easily adjusted tools. Students see real world data that directly affects them.

Anyone can create, save, download, and share custom graphs and maps using current and historical economic data for their community, state, and nation. All of the graphs and maps update with the latest data releases.

Note: all infographic posters are in PDF.

View the Key Economic Data by State posters:

•  Arizona

•  Arkansas

•  California

•  Colorado

•  Delaware

•  Florida

•  Georgia

•  Illinois

•  Indiana

•  Iowa

•  Kentucky

•  Minnesota

•  Mississippi

•  Missouri

•  New York

•  Pennsylvania

•  Tennessee

•  Texas

•  Washington


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