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Keeping It Real: Teach ACRL Information Literacy Frames with FRED Data

This lesson plan is designed to supplement the “FRED Interactive: Information Literacy” online course available through and includes the following:

Part A: Reviewing “FRED Interactive: Information Literacy” Online Course Content: Students review a FRED graph made in the course; define the concepts nominal, real, and inflation; and discuss basic strategies for establishing the reliability of a data source.

Part B: ACRL Information Literacy Frames as FRED-Integrated Abilities: The frames Research as Inquiry, Information Creation as a Process, Scholarship as Conversation, and Authority Is Constructed and Contextual are highlighted.
With Option A, students work in FRED and use the formula real = (nominal/CPI)*100 to plot inflation-adjusted minimum wage rates for two states and compare the results. With Option B, students work in FRED to plot and compare nominal and real earnings differentials for men and woman.

Part C: Assessment: A variety of in-class and out-of-class activities offer the teacher choices to assess student skills.

Part D: Resources: Links to resources and a glossary of terms provide additional learning opportunities.

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Audience:   High School, College
Language:   English
Subjects:   Economics, Data Literacy
Resource Types:   Data, Lessons, Charts/Graphs
Concepts:   Inflation/Deflation, Income, Markets